About Us

About The Company

Aurovo, LLC is focused on developing geospatial mapping applications on both web and mobile platforms. We aggregate distributed content and present seamless, interactive mapping solutions. Presenting simple, engaging mapping applications helps our clients improve content accessibility and enhances brand exposure.

Founded in 2007, Aurovo has focused on creating interactive online mapping applications. We started out focusing on Google Earth, but saw the potential for web based mapping platforms with the release of the Google Maps API. Now with the expansion of mapping onto mobile and tablet platforms the usage of online maps has exploded.

Mission And Goals

Our goal when developing a mapping application is to take information and tie it together based upon location. We then present that information on a map in a way that makes it accessible and updates in real-time. Our team strives to create a seamless user experience with our products and services.

Along with developing online mapping applications, we help our customers develop common APIs and embedded applications (widgets) to enhance their content distribution strategy. Consumption of content is no longer limited to users going only to your website. This trend has creating additional monetization opportunities by leveraging content distribution to reach as many users as possible.

As your content distribution network expands the scalability of your applications is critical to success. Cloud computing is one of the ways we have helped our customers store and access large data sets quickly while also staying budget conscious.

Word From The Founder

Our team looks forward to working with you to help achieve your vision.

Robert B. Dickerson, Jr.