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We develop engaging mapping solutions for both web and mobile platforms. Our expertise in distributing and scaling your applications on demand improves accessibility to your content and enhances brand exposure.

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Location Awareness

Interactive Maps

Find out how to use online maps to enhance your products.

Present and update content in real-time based on a user's location. Find unique ways of integrating and displaying content in an interactive mapping environment.

Content Distribution

API & Widget

Learn how to develop an API to distribute your content.

Distribute your data through multiple channels to increase traffic and revenue for your business. Grow a community around your datasets and solicit champions for your brand.

Scalable Applications

Common Framework

Develop and scale your application with our help.

Develop once and deploy your application across multiple platforms and devices including the web, mobile and publishers sites. Meet the growing demand for mobile usage.

case studies

Learn how we have assisted customers achieve their vision.

Our goal when developing a mapping application is to take information and tie it together based upon location. We then present that information on a map in a way that makes it accessible and updates in real-time.

Aurovo - creating innovative mapping solutions.

Aurovo, LLC is focused on developing geospatial mapping applications on both web and mobile platforms. We aggregate distributed content and present seamless, interactive mapping solutions.

Presenting simple, engaging mapping applications helps our clients improve content accessibility and enhances brand exposure.